Heal Your Mind


Coming this spring





When you completely focus on the object in front of you,
it will feel your energy resonating with its.
The collision of energy creates a synchronized
reinforcement of each other, thus it rises.






When the video game realm is being filled with action-packed
interactions and time- restricted competitions,
I wonder if there is space for the extreme opposite — minimalist and nothingness.
Therefore, as an experimental project, I created this mobile app
that requires nothing but your attention, called Lunar Effect. 





Lunar Effect is empowered by an innovative mechanism that requires players’ attentions,
focuses and stillness to levitate, change, or control the objects on screen.
Whenever the app detects that it loses your attention, the object will drop, rewind or stop.
Hence the player will experience an illusion of having psychokinetic ability,
which is the key feature of the app.

Furthermore, besides the fun of playing with mind power, players
will be actively concentrating on the objects in the app,
which therefore will help the players to enter a highly mind state of
pureness and to temporarily forget whatever is outside the app. 




By creating this app,
I would like to convey my perspective on the future of video and mobile game:
modern technology should not only be restrained to create more and more repetitions of physical interactions,
but an entire new world of connecting people’s mental awareness and
experiences are awaits to be discovered.

Lunar Effect uses a variety of sensors that can be found on any modern smartphones.
Apparently the technology to enable such new experience are ready.
If more and more developers and designers can pay attention and
have enough courage to ditch the mobile game norm of tap-and-drag-based interactions,
this new kind of mobile experience can take off. 



I would like to mention Thatgamecompany here as a reference of my idea.
They are precedent of innovators in the modern video games. Flower and Journey are beloved video
games that requires no complex interaction, GUIs or storylines.
Although they were still contextually RPG games that involves a character and a world setting,
the rest of the part can hardly be experienced in any other RPG games at that time.
I will want to my future studio be the Thatgamecompany for mobile.
I have created other mobile apps that already reflect my ideas but Lunar Effect
will be the first of kind to fully incorporate the philosophy.